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How Princeton eBikes Selects Our eBikes

Road Bike Magazine lists 143 companies currently designing and manufacturing eBikes.  The eBike industry is a bit like the car industry in the early 1900s . . . lots of companies are entering this rapidly growing market with most unlikely to survive for the long term.

Therefore, Princeton eBikes has carefully selected eBike manufacturers who have a proven track record of outstanding quality and service in the US eBike market and the internal infrastructure to provide the necessary capabilities to support the eBikes we sell.

There are two basic types of eBikes, hub-drive and mid-drive. Hub-drive eBikes place the motor in the hub of the rear wheel, while mid-drive eBikes place the motor at the center of the eBike. Princeton eBikes has a large selection of each type. Which is better?

The primary benefit of hub-drive eBikes is that these eBikes come with a throttle which can be helpful when attempting to get started on a hill or for the last few miles on a long bike trip. Mid-drive eBikes normally do not come with a throttle. Hub motors are typically used by riders under 175 pounds who do not cycle where there are big hills. Also, hub-drive eBikes tend to be less expensive (starting at $1400). However, it may make sense to spend the extra dollars to get the best bike for your personal cycling depending on what type of cycling you do.

The primary benefit of mid-drive eBikes is that the rear wheel is powered by the motor via the chain. This means mid-drive motor eBikes take advantage of the gearing permitting the mid-drive eBike to climb long steep hills. A hub-drive motor can overheat on a long steep hill climb. Also, mid-drive motor eBikes are often preferred by experienced cyclists since they feel more like regular bikes.

Customers coming to Princeton eBikes have the opportunity to decide which is best for them by taking test rides on several hub-drive and mid-drive eBikes. Our mid-drive motor eBike manufacturers include Gazelle, Serial 1 (Harley Davidson), Bulls, and Yuba. Manufacturers of hub drive motors we sell include Aventon, Magnum and Bintelli. The innovative foldable Gocycle is a brand we also sell and it is unique in that the motor is in the front of the bike hub and also has a throttle.

Princeton eBikes will deliver your new bike if needed. Contact us for more information at 609-356-4639 or info@princeton-ebikes.com.

We honor any sales prices our brands offer through their websites.


For the Dutch, a bike is more important than a means of transport. It is a way of life. Gazelle has been producing bikes for more than 127 years in their factory in Holland. You will feel the difference in comfort and stability from the first pedal stroke on these European made eBikes. With 350 employees, Gazelle makes more than 250,000 bikes each year.  Gazelle’s history and attention to quality and design makes cycling more enjoyable, more attractive and safer. Everyone can ride like the Dutch.

The following sporty Gazelle eBikes have outstanding handling that lets you make the most of your weekend adventures and your commute. These bikes are super comfortable, a feast for the eyes and many have the battery integrated into the frame for a streamlined, efficient look and feel. All Gazelle bikes are powered by a Bosch integrated eBike system with battery, motor and display-controller, the premium eBike motor.

The bikes shown below are a few of the Gazelle options. To address the acronyms in the name of each model, HMB stands for hybrid mid-drive Bosch, which means that the bike is electric assist (no throttle) and has a Bosch motor in the mid-section.  T means the bike has a derailer with 9 or 10 gears (as specified by the accompanied number). C means the bike has an internally geared hub with the number of gears associated with it. Speed or + means the bike pedal assist speeds reach 28 MPH rather than the usual 20 MPH. The power of eBikes is set by the torque on the wheel. Torque can the thought of as the rotational force. Torque is measured in Newton Meters or N below. Gazelle sells most models with pedal assist speeds that reach 20 MPH or 28 MPH (+), with the 28 MPH model costing $500 more than the 20 MPH models due to the higher torque engine.

Medeo T9 City HMB, $2400

The Gazelle Medeo T9 City is our most affordable mid-drive motor eBike, with the high quality expected from Gazelle. It has a reliable and quiet Bosch Active Line motor and 9-speed external derailleur. Powerful front and rear lighting plus a sturdy rear rack will inspire riders to swap their car for this bike for both day and nighttime trips The frame is a stable lightweight aluminum sloping frame available as a low step and comes in two sizes (45 and 50 cm) and two colors (mallard blue and light olive).

Medeo T9 HMB, $2700

This is an affordable option and has high quality components to give supreme comfort. It has a Bosch Active Line Plus motor (50N) providing support up to 20 mph with 400W battery. The frame is a dynamic aluminum alloy either as a low-step with carrier battery or high-step frame with battery on the down tube and comes in three sizes (S, M, L). It comes in three colors (blue, grey and red).

Medeo T10 HMB, $3200

This stylish and sporty electric bike has a dual battery capability to extend your ride beyond previous possibilities. It has a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor (65N) with an integrated 500W battery and 4 piston hydraulic brakes. The frame is a stable lightweight aluminum sloping frame available either as a low or high-step and comes in three sizes (45, 50 and 55 cm) and three colors (dust, ivory and jeans).

Arroyo C7 HMB Elite, $3300

The Gazelle Arroyo C7 HMB Elite has a roomy step-through frame, an integrated in-tube battery and is fully loaded with functional accessories with a comfort-optimized, relaxed riding position. It has a reliable and quiet Bosch Active Line motor (50 nM) and 7-speed Shimano Nexus hub. The frame is a stable, lightweight hydro-formed aluminum frame available as a low step and comes in three sizes (46, 53 and 57 cm) and two colors (frozen blue and Saturn blue).

Ultimate C8 HMB, $3750

This bike comes with a Bosch Performance Line motor with 50 N of torque and a 500 W integrated battery. It has high-grade Shimano disc brakes for optimal braking performance. The stable aluminum frame comes as a low-step model in three sizes (46, 53 and 57 cm) and two colors (petrol and sienna light). It has a durable, low maintenance Nexus 8 hub and Gates belt drive. The relaxed posture is due to upright handlebars and frame design.

Ultimate T10 HMB, $4000

This bike is powerfully assisted thanks to a Bosch Performance Line motor with 65 N of torque (20 mph) and 500 W integrated battery. The stable aluminum frame comes as a low or high step model in three sizes and three colors (beige, grey and red).  The dynamic design, high level of comfort and excellent handling make this bike the ideal companion for long recreational trips.

Ultimate C380 HMB, $4250

This bike comes with a Bosch Performance Line motor with 65 N of torque (20 mph) and a 500 W integrated battery. It has Premium Shimano Deore disc brakes for smooth and responsive braking. The Enviolo 380 trekking hub provides effortless and stepless shifting. The stable aluminum frame comes as a low-step model in three sizes (46, 53 and 57 cm) and two colors (light olive and mallard blue). The durable, low maintenance Enviolo hub and Gates belt drive, combined with the wide tires, a front suspension fork and relaxed posture raises this bike’s cycling comfort to an unprecedented new high.

Serial 1 (Harley Davidson)

Serial 1 is Harley Davidson’s new spin-off company created exclusively for electric bicycles, and the name is a tribute to HD’s first motorcycle, “Serial Number One,” which was sold in 1903 and was, in fact, a bicycle with a motor. The bikes have a state-of-the-art design with a sleek look and no external wiring. The class 1 eBikes use a Brose S Mag mid-drive motor with 90 nM torque and either a 529-Wh or 706-Wh battery. Brakes are Tektro hydraulic discs. The bikes come with a bright LED headlamp and combination LED tail and brake lights integrated into the frame. All bikes use a Gates belt drive resulting in an even more quiet ride than chain driven ebikes. Princeton eBikes sells the Mosh/Cty and the Rush/Cty Step Thru.

Mosh/Cty, $3800

The Mosh/Cty comes in two colors, Matte Black/Gloss Midnight Black and Matte Black/Gloss Rowdy Blue and four frame sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The Schwalbe Super Moto-X, 27.5×2.8” tires make it ideal for on and off-road terrain. The Mosh/Cty has a range of 30–105 miles per charge depending on battery, rider weight, ride mode and terrain.

Rush/Cty Step-Thru, $4250

The Rush/Cty Step-Thru comes in two colors, Gloss Midnight Black/Matte Black and Gloss White/Gilded Denim/Matte Black and three frame sizes, small, medium and large. It has a Brose Allround LCD color display and comes with an Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent automatic transmission. This is an electronically controlled CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) rear hub that automatically adjusts the gear ratio to maintain the rider’s optimal, personalized pedaling cadence as terrain or speed changes. The Rush/Cty Step-Thru claims a range of 30 –105 miles per charge depending on battery, rider weight, ride mode and terrain.


Whether you are looking for a relaxing cruise or an intense ride, there’s something for everyone in the Aventon line. With powerful motors, great range, five levels of pedal assist and design that pays attention to every detail you’re sure to find an eBike which fits both your needs and your style.

Soltera 7 Speed, $1400

The Soltera 7 Speed is an economical and lightweight (43 lbs) addition to the Aventon line of rear hub motor bikes. It comes in two frame varieties: 1) step over, which has two frame sizes (regular and large) and two colors (onxy black and citrine), and 2) step through, which has two frame sizes (S/M and M/L) and three colors (seafoam green, salmon pink and moonrock grey).

Pace 350 Next-Gen, $1500 Step-Through

The Pace 350 is a very affordable, yet durable and comfortable eBike. It has a low step through frame but also comes in a step over frame. The bike comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L, and comes in two colors, plum purple and ghost white. It is powered by a 350 W hub motor and has 180mm mechanical disc brakes. The frame has an integrated battery and rear lights.

Pace 500 Next-Gen, $1800 Step-Through

The Pace 500 differs from the Pace 350 in that it is a class 3 bike (up to 28 mph with pedal assist) by virtue of its 500 W motor. It comes in two frame sizes, S/M and M/L, and two color choices, ghost white and celeste.

Aventure, $2000

The Aventure is a powerful (750 W motor) and versatile fat-tire eBike. It’s a Class II eBike a high capacity battery and powerful rear hub motor. The Aventure has a medium step through frame in three sizes, small, medium, and large and comes in three colors, socal sand, camouflage green and fire black.

Level, $1900

The Level is a Class 3 commuter bike with a low step frame and it comes in two colors, earth grey and rose gold.  The powerful 500 W motor allows this bike to achieve 28 mph pedal assist speeds while riding in comfort.

Sinch, $1900

The Sinch is a class 2 fat tire foldable eBike that you can ride just about anywhere including sand, dirt, snow, etc.
It has a powerful 750 W motor and can hit speeds of 20 mph with a range of 40 to 70 miles. It comes in one size and two colors, crest white and slick black.

Sinch Stepthough, $1900

The Sinch Step-Through is a class 2 fat tire foldable eBike that you can ride just about anywhere including sand, dirt, snow, etc. It has a powerful 750 W motor and can hit speeds of 20 mph with a range of 40 to 70 miles. It comes in one size and two colors, moss green and bonfire red.


All of Bintelli electric bikes are loaded with quality components and upgrades such as headlights, taillights, rim reflectors, seat post suspension, lithium-ion batteries and Shimano gearing. Bintelli’s focus is on building value into an eBike.  With competitive pricing and quality, Bintelli’s eBikes provide top value for money.

Bintelli Trend, $1900

The Trend comes with many standard features, such as a 12.5AH lithium ion battery, an LCD display, and a powerful 500 watt motor that is capable of reaching speeds up to 20mph. For commuter needs Bintelli added in a rear rack and front suspension.

Bintelli Florence, $1900

The Florence is designed to be easy to get on and off with one of the lowest step-thru heights on the market.   This electric bike comes with many standard features, such as a 12.5AH lithium ion battery, an LCD display, and a powerful 500 watt motor that is capable of reaching speeds up to 20mph. For your commuter needs Bintelli added in a rear rack.

Bintelli Journey, $1800

The Bintelli Journey is a classic styled step-through electric bike. Its powered by a 350w motor and the seat post suspension ensures a comfortable ride. It features a rear tire rack for cargo and an LED display for the cadence pedal assist for cruising on the beach or around campus.


Founded in 2010 Magnum Bikes has been a leader in innovation and design of electric bicycles. Magnum stands behind their products 100%, designing all of their bikes to be user friendly and easy to service. Magnum includes top brand name bicycle components including Schwalbe, Tektro, Promax, Hesling, 8Fun, Samsung, Selle Royal, Shimano, RST and Wellgo.

The Metro, $2275

The Magnum Metro is a beautifully designed, purpose built electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting. Step-thru frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Powerful 500 watt motor paired with a large 48 volt 13 amp hour battery pack, offers both pedal assist and throttle mode.

The Pathfinder, $2100

The Magnum Pathfinder has a compact frame with a fully integrated battery. Its standout feature in the Magnum lineup is its 20″ fat tires. The power system is 500W, 48V, with a 13Ah battery.

Gocycle Folding Bike

Gocycle produces what many consider the most innovative, high quality folding ebike. Its founder, Richard Thorpe, was so passionate about creating the perfect ebike that he left a dream design job with McLaren cars to dedicate all his time to this purpose. With his experience designing lightweight racing car components and his enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence, Richard believed that an ebike should be elegant and fun. From this vision and expertise, came the Gocycle.

Gocycle G4, $4000

This commuter bike is designed to be folded in less than a minute. The G4 comes with ergonomic and comfortable grips mated to a 3 speed mechanical twist shifter. Cables are elegantly routed through the frame connecting to the durable Shimano gearing. Central LED displays the fuel level of your battery. The powerful lithium ion battery is easily accessible and hidden within the aluminum frame providing a range up to 40 miles with a 7-hour charge time.

Yuba Cargo eBikes

Yuba is solely focused on cargo bikes to help change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets and more. It is considered the global leader in this category.

Spicy Curry, $4800

The Spicy Curry has been a favorite of cargo bike fans around the globe since 2015. The Spicy Curry won the Eurobike Product Innovation Gold Award the year the bike was introduced, and it’s only gotten better since with enhanced ride quality, safety features and more get up and go.  This cargo bike has the new Bosch Cargo Motor designed especially for cargo bikes, providing support up to 20 mph.

The Power Pack Battery offers increased capacity and range, and the Kiox Display records data and transmits it via Bluetooth to the Bosch eBike Connect smartphone app.

Kombi E5, $3300

The Kombi E5 is designed principally for flat terrain riding but able to handle big cargo loads. The Kombi E5 boasts a host of features from Shimano — a high-quality and high-performance component manufacturer for different types of bicycles globally — all at a competitive price. It’s powered by Shimano’s lightest E-bike system: the STEPS E5000 mid-drive motor and its 418 Wh battery. Key to riding safety is powerful braking, and the Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes will inspire confidence in all conditions. The heart of this high-tech bike is the Yuba in-house designed chromoly-steel frame, featuring Yuba’s proven Stay Steady Technology, that is stable, sturdy and built to last. You’ll likely be riding it more than you use your car – and doing your part for a cleaner, healthier planet! The Kombi E5 can handle up to 440lbs of cargo — personalize your ride with a great range of add-ons for hauling the kids, or gear, or for the daily ride to work – then surprise everyone by parking it vertically to save space! It comes in two colors: orange and silver.