The eBike brands we sell are reliable and require no more maintenance than regular bikes. Motors and batteries on the bikes we sell have proven to be extremely reliable.

Princeton eBikes is committed to providing world class service on all eBikes we sell. Brian, our lead mechanic, has more than 30 years bike repair and maintenance experience and has worked extensively with eBike batteries, motors and electronics.

We maintain a complete set of bike repair tools and parts, as well as diagnostic tools for electronic parts, batteries and motors. Brian is trained and certified for Bosch motor diagnostics and repair.

When you bring in a bike for repair we will examine the bike and discuss work to be done and cost before you leave.   We will follow up with a phone call if we discover an issue that was not anticipated.

Princeton eBikes will take responsibility for all paperwork and mechanical issues if a part or component fails while under warranty.

We will make every effort to fix your bike within your time frame when you need the bike returned quickly.